Top Podcast Hosting Companies by Episode Share (September 2023)

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One of the ways to measure the health of the current podcast ecosystem is to measure the number of new episodes published in a given period.

We independently verify every single new podcast episode published (about 1.8 million in September 2023, up 13.6% from last month) and identify which podcast hosting company it belongs to.

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We use the actual media file url (ignoring any non-host tracking redirects) to identify the host. It is not based on the feed url domain, which can often undercount hosts that offer custom domains.

In cases where a retail podcast host uses another podcast host to serve the audio, we credit the first host. In cases where a podcast migrates from one host to new host, we credit the new host. In general, the intent is to identify the podcast host the podcaster would say they are dealing with.

We were not able to identify a known host for 5.33% of the new episodes found in September.

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There are many market share numbers floating around out there for the various podcast hosting companies, but it’s often difficult to compare apples to apples - especially when considering inactive shows. Looking at only new episodes is one fairly objective way to compare each platform, at least by sheer amount of new output.

First, a quick chart of the top podcast hosting companies over time, based on share of new episodes every month.

A special note for September: we improved the accuracy of our Spotify for Podcasters (formerly Anchor) observation system this month. Higher share of new episodes observed on S4P this month leads to lower share overall for everyone else.

It’s likely that S4P’s numbers were underrepresented the last few months here, so keep that in mind when interpreting this data. We’re constantly aiming to improve our systems and sources to maximize objectivity.

And finally, a ranking of podcast hosters ordered by new episodes published during the month of September 2023.

A rounded percentage of episode share is also included if at least 1%.

  1. Spotify for Podcasters 26.2%
  2. Buzzsprout 8.1%
  3. Spreaker 5.7%
  4. Omny Studio 5.2%
  5. Megaphone 4.7%
  6. Libsyn 4.0%
  7. Podbean 3.8%
  8. Soundcloud 3.2%
  9. 1.9%
  10. Acast 1.8%
  11. Triton Digital 1.7%
  12. iVoox 1.7%
  13. Simplecast 1.6%
  14. Transistor 1.4%
  15. Captivate 1.3%
  16. Podigee
  17. Audioboom
  18. RedCircle
  19. SoundOn
  20. Blubrry
  21. Audiostart
  22. Amazon S3
  23. Google Cloud
  24. Audiomeans
  25. Ximalaya
  26. Ausha
  27. Akamai CDN
  28. Squarespace
  29. Castos
  30. Futuri Media
  31. ART19
  32. Podomatic
  33. StreamGuys
  34. SermonAudio
  35. Subsplash
  36. mave
  37. Voice of America English News
  39. Enacast
  40. NPR
  41. Deutschlandradio
  42. RTVE
  43. NRJ-Group
  44. Substack
  45. Amazon CloudFront
  46. Radio France Internationale
  48. Cesky rozhlas
  50. Castbox
  51. Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty
  52. Kajabi
  53. Sveriges Radio
  54. Hubhopper
  55. WideOrbit
  56. BBC
  57. Atresmedia
  58. Internet Archive
  59. Blog Talk Radio
  60. Sharpstream
  62. Radiotalk
  63. Kabbalah Media
  67. Wasabi Cloud Storage
  69. Adventist World Radio
  70. Zencastr
  72. COPE
  73. SoundStack
  74. Fireside
  75. Sochcast
  78. Octopus
  79. RTÉ Radio
  80. Seoul Broadcasting System
  81. RNC Media
  82. Jewish Podcasts
  83. Feedpress
  84. SRF
  85. Church Plant Media
  86. Rackspace Storage
  87. Vatican News
  88. Podspace
  89. Pinecast
  90. RTP
  91. Julep Hosting
  92. Small Universe
  93. Radio Taiwan International
  94. Shortcast Club
  95. ListenBox
  96. Eesti Rahvusringhääling
  97. Westdeutscher Rundfunk
  98. Podcastics
  99. Canstream Internet Radio
  100. RTHK
  101. Österreichischer Rundfunk
  102. Springcast
  103. DR
  104. PodPoint
  105. WordPress
  106. the Cloud Network
  107. RCF
  108. MBC TV
  109. Nederlandse Publieke Omroep
  110. Zee News
  111. Seesaa
  112. Radiotelevizija Slovenija
  113. bCast
  114. CCMA
  115. NHK
  116. podCloud
  117. CBS Radio News
  119. DigitalOcean Spaces
  120. Radio Free Asia
  121. SoundCast
  122. Monte Carlo Doualiya
  123. Controradio
  124. Korean Broadcasting System
  125. Podcastbude
  126. Congregate
  127. Bayerischer Rundfunk
  129. PRX
  131. Faithlife Sermons
  132. Nox Solutions
  133. Podetize
  134. mediastream
  135. Radio France
  136. Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
  137. RMF FM
  138. CanalSur
  139. Radio Télévision Suisse
  141. Nucleus
  142. Radio Popolare
  143. All India Radio
  144. Radio Nacional Argentina
  145. Securenet Systems
  146. Il Sole 24 Ore
  147. American Public Media
  148. CHGA
  149. Audion
  150. Zencast
  151. Flumotion
  152. Alitu
  153. Dropbox
  155. 95bFM
  156. Civic Media
  157. Belgischer Rundfunk
  158. Daily Audio Bible
  159. Muslim Central
  160. Podcastle
  162. Radio FRO
  163. Sonicbowl
  164. Red Basset
  165. Talkshoe
  166. Dee Jay
  167. (all other known hosts)
  168. WNYC
  169. Hello Audio
  170. Kerkdienst Gemist
  171. Whooshkaa
  172. VoiceAmerica
  173. Lightcast
  174. TeleMadrid
  175. Studeo
  176. BoxCast
  177. Aragon Radio CARTV
  178. Houston Public Media
  180. Barstool Sports
  181. RFI România
  182. Radio Martí
  183. Wistia
  184. This Is Distorted
  185. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage
  186. Ràdio Ciutat de Tarragona
  187. Bundesverband Freier Radios
  188. Radio de la Paix
  189. Podle
  190. TwentyThree
  191. NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)
  193. Zeno Media
  194. Dropwave
  195. LiveWriters
  196. PodOps
  197. YUTorah Online
  198. Radio New Zealand
  199. JustCast
  200. WavPub
  201. LightSource
  202. Radio Maria
  203. CoHost
  204. Djpod
  205. stationista
  206. JW Player
  207. Afripods
  208. Podeo
  209. Type III Audio
  210. Fusebox
  211. Cast
  212. Blogcast
  213. Adori Labs
  215. Casted
  216. Linode Object Storage
  217. LightSource
  218. TerraSpaces
  219. UPLINK Digital
  221. Europe 1
  222. Soundwise
  223. Cuonda
  224. podseed
  225. Polyglot FM
  226. Podcast Your Sermons
  227. Discerning Hearts
  228. TWiT
  229. Voxnest
  230. CHYZ 94.3
  231. Radio Activ
  232. Vodio
  233. Typlog
  234. Podbbang
  235. The Washington Post
  236. BackdoorPodcasts
  237. Megafono
  238. CacheFly CDN
  239. Callin
  240. Messy

Analysis by John Spurlock

Thanks to the Podcast Index and other sources, for giving us signals of when to check for new episodes in public podcasts.

And thanks to the Open Podcast Analytics Working Group for maintaining a list of media url patterns. We’ve incorporated these patterns along with some of our own to come up with the host identification and metadata for this ranking.

Updated 2023-10-01, with data for the month of September 2023. Still ex Radio France. Improved accuracy in observing Spotify for Podcasters podcasts.

Updated 2023-09-01, with data for the month of August 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-08-01, with data for the month of July 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-07-01, with data for the month of June 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-06-01, with data for the month of May 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-05-01, with data for the month of April 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-04-01, with data for the month of March 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-03-01, with data for the month of February 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-02-01, with data for the month of January 2023. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2023-01-01, with data for the month of December 2022. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2022-12-01, with data for the month of November 2022. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2022-11-01, with data for the month of October 2022. Still ex Radio France.

Updated 2022-10-02, with data for the month of September 2022. Removed Radio France from the universe this month due to many of the same episodes appearing in multiple feeds but with different urls. We try to make sure in cases like this that we are not underrepresenting everyone else until we can ensure duplicates are properly represented.

Updated 2022-09-01, with data for the month of August 2022.

Updated 2022-08-01, with data for the month of July 2022. Updated share pct calculation denominator to all new episodes, not just new episodes with known host entities. As part of this, also now reporting the pct of new episodes with unknown hosts.

Updated 2022-07-01, with data for the month of June 2022.

Updated 2022-06-01, with data for the month of May 2022.

Updated 2022-05-01, with data for the month of April 2022.

Updated 2022-04-05, RSS Podcasting is now known as

Updated 2022-04-02, with data for the month of March 2022 and a new graph. Removed dynamic/aggregate search feeds that don’t represent shows, which signifcantly lowered the episode share ranking for Internet Archive, SermonAudio, and PromoDJ.

Updated 2022-03-01, with data for the month of February 2022.

Updated 2022-02-01, with data for the month of January 2022.

Updated 2022-01-10, was missing data for December 31, now fixed.

Updated 2022-01-02, with data for the month of December 2021. Now filtering out episodes with the same media file url across multiple feeds (e.g. in aggregate category feeds), and filtered out dynamic search feeds from (they do not represent “shows” for any meaningful definition of the term). Universe shrank by 10.6% with these new filters. After that, December’s universe was still 6.8% smaller than November’s, presumably due to the holiday season.

Updated 2021-12-02, with data for the month of November 2021.

Updated 2021-11-11, tweaked the host identification algorithm: in cases where one known host performs a temporary redirect (302, 307) to another known host as part of a single request chain, we credit the redirecting host, not the target. For permanent redirects (301), we credit the target.

Updated 2021-11-11, added a new footer link to last month’s version.

Updated 2021-11-10, with data for the month of October 2021.

Updated 2021-10-09, to clarify the universe and identification scheme, added an overall episode count, and replaced short domains with hosting company names.

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