Podtrac's share of new podcast episodes started taking off in September

We’ve noticed that Podtrac, one of the largest podcast episode analytics services, recently started appearing on many more new podcast episodes than usual…

…as part of indexing every single new podcast episode published to track the pulse of the open podcasting ecosystem.

So many, in fact, that Podtrac is likely to take the top spot in share of new episodes starting in September (teaser graph in a recent tweet).

We saw this earlier in the month, and thought was interesting enough to report right away, before month-end.

A change this broad would seem to indicate a deep integration with one of the larger podcast hosting companies.

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And breaking it down by hosting company, there is a clear culprit:

Spreaker (owned by iHeartMedia), one of the top three producers of new podcast episodes every month.

Note: Spreaker’s overall share of new episodes so far in September is in line with previous months, so the jump is likely integrating existing shows, not a sudden influx of new shows.

August 20 through September 17, 2022

Data collected and visualized by John Spurlock

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