Podping via WebSub

The Podcast Index project has recently created its own internal system for sending and receiving podcast feed notification updates, called Podping.

Anyone can listen to these pings by polling the Hive blockchain on their own server.

This sounded like a great use case for a subscribable dynamic subscription list to represent the logical list of feeds participating in the Podping system.

So we’ve created a publicly-available subscribable list, which makes these pings available for free via standard WebSub for anyone who wants to receive these updates via http webhook-style callbacks.

The subscribable list topic url is:

Subscribe with a standard WebSub request, for example, if your callback url is https://example.com/callback, send the following https request:

Host: hub.livewire.io
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


You can preview the event stream by creating a temporary short-lived WebSub subscriber using our WebSub testing tool:

You can also preview the event stream by creating a WebSub subscriber using the excellent webhook.site service:

Hope that helps!

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